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University of Maryland, Moth-Inspired Workshop and Town Square

MOTH-inspired Workshop:

The first workshop, inspired by the MOTH, will provide an environment to explore Israel stories with laughter, dilemma, and struggle. It will be a fun and social way to practice telling our own Israel stories and to see the complexity and integrity of people coming from diverse backgrounds and views. Participants will reflect on pivotal life experiences vis-a-vis Israel, workshop their stories with a Resetting the Table facilitator, and have the opportunity to perform their stories for others.

Town Square:

This Town Square will provide a forum for participants to engage in open conversation on charged issues in facilitated, small group discussion. Led by skilled facilitators from Resetting the Table, a Town Square provides a unique opportunity to engage in honest, direct conversation across differences in backgrounds and views. Participants will choose a topic to discuss, such as:

  • Settlements, borders, and where do we go from here in Israeli-Palestinian relations
  • Roles and responsibilities of American Jews vis-a-vis Israel
  • Boundaries of 'legitimate' and 'illegitimate' criticism about Israel

Date & Time

March 7, 2019


College Park, MD

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