Clergy and Congregations

Clergy and Congregations

Clergy are often rare natural conveners who organically bring together constituents with divergent points of view seeking to sustain long-term relationship and community. Resetting the Table has brought training, scholar-in-residences, sermons, workshops and other programs to dozens of congregations, Boards of Rabbis, and Christian clergy across the country. RTT has conducted year-long programs for community transformation in a few select congregations, offering a series of interventions including: 

  • Developing a community survey

  • Forming and facilitating an internal Dialogue Taskforce

  • Training Board, staff and clergy

  • Offering a series of communication skill-building workshops, multi-perspective educational classes, salon discussions, and community input forums on proposed policy shifts

If you are interested in bringing RTT to your community, please contact us here.

Programs and Services

Common programs we bring to campuses and communities.

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Facilitation Training

Building a field of skilled practitioners.

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Convener Training

Teaching leaders to build a culture of dialogue and deliberation for their constituents.

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Resetting the American Table

Bridging American divides.

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