• "I was really surprised to see that everyone actually moved, became more open and accepting of others, and ready to criticize what they previously considered their only truth."
    – Bobi, Wexner Israel Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
  • "This was a life-changing experience. I feel so much more comfortable having a conversation now. And, because we had conversation, I was able to hear some solid reasons for the "other side" to feel like they do."
    – Andrea, Lay Leader, Brooklyn congregation
  • "After three years as a student at Oberlin, I have never had a conversation that left me feeling as though my voice was heard and there was some type of productivity or effectiveness of the dialogue, until this workshop with Resetting the Table. I am hopeful that with the new skills, us Obies can be engendered to continue productive dialogue and teach other students beneficial methods of discussing the matter. It was both an empowering and comforting experience, to know that with proper tools and skills, this matter has possibility to be discussed, hopefully bringing us closer to a solution."
    – Anabel, Student Leader, Oberlin College
  • "This session was a great example of what the U.S. needs to move forward successfully as a united country - it was awkward, respectful, uncomfortable and calming all at once."
    – Sophia, Town Square participant 
  • "This space allowed us to slow down and learn how to talk across difference rather than avoid it. I wish we could do this once a week at school and tackle a variety of issues that are bubbling just below the surface."
    – Gita, Rabbinical student
  • "This was the best retreat I’ve ever been on. I see Resetting the Table as a game-changer. It has the opportunity to transform how we talk about Israel, how we talk to each other, and how we understand each other. That’s the most exciting work we could be doing at this moment in time."
    – Jacob, Facilitation Fellow
  • "Too often schools and shuls shy away from discussing difficult topics, which only exacerbates fear and alienation. Resetting the Table brings these 'scary' topics to the fore, and offers tangible, implementable skills to Jewish leaders and thus the community as a whole."
    – Hannah, Israel Educator, LA