Why Resetting the Table?

Our leadership – drawing from decades of combined experience in people-to-people and mediation fields – has honed a uniquely effective and road-tested framework for building transformative communication in the face of entrenched differences. Veterans of peace-building and conflict transformation work have recognized RTT as offering one of the most sophisticated approaches to bridge-building work in the country as well as one of the most rigorous training programs for practitioners in the field. 

Resetting the Table’s unique contributions include:

  • Expertise in designing and facilitating courageous conversations across passionate disagreement. Our intensively trained facilitators and program design crack open empathy and understanding even among highly estranged and antagonistic parties. 

  • Unparalleled relationship-building with “unusual suspects” for dialogue work. Our methodology enables us to build trust and overcome suspicion of dialogue work itself. We have successfully drawn to the table rural, working class, and/or conservative people whose voices and communities tend not to be represented in dialogue efforts.

  • The Jewish address for U.S. bridge-building work. Resetting the Table is the organization working at the intersection of Jewish tradition and bridge-building work in the U.S. Co-founded by a rabbi, Resetting the Table seeks to bring to life Jewish wisdom like machloket l’shem shamayim (embrace of sacred argument) and elu e’lu (actively listening to multiple voices). This is “Torah” our country desperately needs.

Programs and Services

Common programs we bring to campuses and communities.

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Facilitation Training

Building a field of skilled practitioners.

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Convener Training

Teaching leaders to build a culture of dialogue and deliberation for their constituents.

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Resetting the American Table

Bridging American divides.

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