Resetting the Table : Courageous Communication Across Divides
  • I had the powerful experience of listening to someone with diametrically opposed political views from my own, and having him listen to me, in such a way that a new depth of conversation was opened up. That this could happen within about an hour of the group coming together is nothing short of miraculous.

    –Toba, Clergy, Boston
  • I've been a journalist for decades but this is the first time I've gotten training in how to ask questions that can lead to deeper truths and more constructive conversations. It will make my stories better.

    –Amanda, Journalist for the Atlantic and Time Magazine
  • This training took facilitation to a whole different level. In charged conversations the hardest thing is to have the participants feel heard and still keep the discussion flowing…. I learned more in this training than any other!

    –Tasneem, Facilitator, NewGround: A Jewish-Muslim Partnership for Change
  • I cannot fully express how much Resetting the Table has opened my eyes (and more importantly, my ears) to the world around me.

    –Lian, Wisconsin Listening Campaign participant
  • It felt good to be in a place that wasn’t just an echo chamber, and made me think about how echo chambers can actually be silencing of our whole selves—including our deepest fears and truths and questions.

    –Rena, Moishe House Series participant
  • Learning to be the person who allows others to 'be seen and heard the way they want to be seen and heard' is like having a superpower. I'm so appreciative of this training. It will benefit the rest of my life.

    –Jackie, Founder, Everybody Loves Lincoln

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RTT equips campus professionals and student leaders with the tools and skills to overcome volatile campus dynamics surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Central Agencies

RTT partners with community organizations across the U.S. to build a culture of dialogue across differences on charged political issues in American life.

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Congregations & Clergy

RTT supports clergy and congregations to model “sacred disagreement” across political differences within and across faith communities.

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Red and Blue Divides

RTT trains community leaders and designs forums bridging geographic and political silos, with a focus on rural/urban and coastal/Middle America divides.

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Upcoming Programs

Synod of the Sun, Facilitating Across Differences: Session 2 (Virtual)
June 08, 2023
Anshe Emet Synagogue, Speaking Across Conflict Workshop
June 11, 2023

Past Programs

Synod of the Sun, Facilitating Across Differences: Session 1 (Virtual)
June 06, 2023
Jewish Federation of Baltimore, Insight Israel Forum, Israel Learning and Discussion Series, Part IV (Virtual)
June 05, 2023