Who We Are

Resetting the Table (RTT) is dedicated to strengthening democracy and civic life by equipping leaders and communities to deliberate across political silos to address important public problems. 

RTT has developed a celebrated framework for transformative communication across political divides in the country.  Forged in the minefield surrounding disagreements on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, RTT has designed a large and growing toolkit of processes, including communication skill-building workshops, facilitated community dialogues, multi-perspective educational resources, and decision-making forums. To date, RTT programs have directly reached more than 21,000 participants, many of them directors of national and regional community organizations, clergy, and campus professionals positioned to reach tens of thousands more. With decades of combined expertise in mediation and facilitation, RTT has opened unprecedented communication among divergent, influential leaders – many entering the room alienated and mutually dismissive – never imagining they would be in a room together, let alone walking away with new insight, shared purpose, and even changed minds.

Programs and Services

Common programs we bring to campuses and communities.

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Facilitation Training

Building a field of skilled practitioners.

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Convener Training

Teaching leaders to build a culture of dialogue and deliberation for their constituents.

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Resetting the American Table

Bridging American divides.

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